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Company Profile

HERO Capital will open the Chinese market in 2015, respectively, in Shanghai, China, Shenzhen, set up branches, is committed to the Chinese investment institutions and individual investors to provide the perfect foreign exchange online trading services: including 37 kinds of foreign exchange pairs, 12 kinds of CFD CFD trading platform, real-time access to more than 12 top global banks and liquidity providers in real-time streaming quotes entrance to the extreme, the use of STP-ECN mode MT4 trading platform, real- Competitive prices to execute all trade orders. This kind of transaction flow and circulation is our insistence. We are committed to providing new products and services, while developing innovative proprietary technologies to support infrastructure, delivering superior transaction quality, and creating unprecedented opportunities for our customers and partners. HERO also has a strong interactive CRM system, and market-leading education and training, and strive to meet the investment needs of all types of traders.

HERO aims to create a world-class financial services platform for investors and provide advanced and secure online trading technical support and trusted customer service.

HERO in the capital market adhering to the "fair, efficient, intelligent" for the purpose of providing investors with improved quality financial services. Investors can follow their own requirements to develop a more appropriate portfolio, through the advanced trading software directly from the market price.

HERO's vision is to develop the world's premier and most trusted financial institution. HERO into the international market has never stopped the footsteps, and actively maintain competitive advantage, and strengthen the efficient service, and towards sustainable development for the direction of development, continue to move forward.


The first to launch professional services
       In March, we officially launched HERO II artificial intelligence trading system, providing customers with the perfect trading strategies and programs, to bring customers a safe and stable income.

Continue to build a global network
       HERO further extends its reach to major Asian financial centers and sets up strongholds in Shanghai and Shenzhen as a channel to broaden its services and enhance communication with other offices.


Market expansion
       In January, HERO set up an office in Hong Kong, the first to deal with straight-through processing (STP) model, as a successful entry into Hong Kong trading brokers.

Honor and affirmation
       HERO's strong relationship with partners has been honored and has been awarded two awards for the Global & Financial Review, including the 2005 Asia Pacific Best Recommended Broker Project.

Among the many companies that have been evaluated, HERO's efforts to promote quality service in the Asia-Pacific region have been awarded the "Best Financial Dealers in Asia and the Pacific in 2015" by the "Global Financial Market Review", "Best in Asia Pacific in 2015" Customer service "and" the most advanced information technology infrastructure in 2015 broker. "