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Fund manager

HERO's own multi-account management system is designed to meet the needs of customers and individuals who need to authorize entrusted transactions and provide authorized transaction services. At the same time, HERO also provides a perfect transaction profit sharing system, according to the different needs of profit distribution settings.

HERO multi-account management software to MT4 client design for the blueprint, so that money managers can manage a single trading platform through all the customer account funds and transactions, and can also choose to single or multiple trading account transactions, including: transactions Orders, pending orders, modify orders, set the profit only stop, the individual part of the open or all open and other common trading functions. In addition, the fund managers can pre-tailor the combination of funds, the allocation of each trading account in the proportion of the funds included in the transaction, each transaction to the portfolio of funds for the transaction unit, automatically by the proportion of individual accounts at the same time open or open The HERO multi-account management software also has a flexible reporting function to facilitate the management of funds management account.