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NFA The National Futures Association (NFA) is a self-regulatory organization of the futures industry established in 1976 under the provisions of Section 17 of the US Commodity Exchange Act. It is a nonprofit member organization and is a non-commercial independent regulator of US futures and foreign exchange transactions mechanism. Section 17 of the Commodity Exchange Act is derived from Chapter III of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) Act of 1974, which regulates the registration of Futures Associations and the CFTC's supervision of Futures Professional Management. September 22, 1981, CFTC accepted NFA officially became a "registered futures association", October 1, 1982, NFA officially began operation.

The National Futures Association of the United States is a self-regulatory organization for the futures industry. The current regulatory standards are only for US traders, protecting the interests of US customers, including extreme compensation measures. The United States does not encourage the development of retail foreign exchange industry, but has always been to strict supervision in the suppression of retail trade.

Versign is the global network security partner of HERO Capital Group. The gateway adopts the industry's highest standard 256-bit advanced encryption technology to ensure that customers online security and bulk online transactions in the normal, so that customers can HERO official website safe and reliable Access to gold and modify customer information and other procedures. Verisign is an excellent base service provider that provides hundreds of millions of online transactions every day. Verisign is the authoritative directory provider for all .com, net, .cc and .tv domain names, with the world's largest independent SS7 network. Every day, Verisign monitors more than 1.5 billion security logs around the world and safeguards more than 500,000 web servers.

SecurePay is a world-renowned security payment platform under the administration of the Australian Post Office, and users can securely pay for credit card payments via SecurePay. SecurePay is focused on providing customers with innovative, secure payment platforms. They serve more than 20,000 institutional users, including banks, government agencies, telecommunications companies, insurance companies and leading payment gateways.

CashU is an online payment service provider focused on serving Middle East and North Africa. Headquartered in Dubai, CashU is committed to serving global and regional online merchants, providing customers with a comprehensive payment service solution that fits local culture and meets Arabian online pay habits and trends.

Trading Central is a highly respected, service provider focused on investment research and financial market technical analysis, compliance with the French Financial Markets Authority (AMF), the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC ) And subject to its supervision.

Trading Central's award-winning and award-winning analytical approach uses proven technical specifications. Whether it is intraday trading, band trading, or long-term investment, Trading Central can provide investors with a variety of investment style requirements of the chart and mathematical analysis.

In more than 30 countries around the world, more than 100 leading global financial institutions have chosen to use the investment research and technical analysis provided by Trading Central.

TRADING CENTRAL is also a certified member of the following three independent research providers (IRP): Investorside, IRP and IRP. TRADING CENTRAL provides independent financial research, consistent with the interests of investors, not affected by the interests of investment banks conflict.