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IB cooperation program

HERO provides a robust, win-win presentation of brokers' cooperation programs, with brokers developing brokers as the core, continually improving the professional level of brokers, and providing rich professional support for brokers operating international financial investment products. In the process of establishing cooperation, HERO insists on providing a flexible management cooperation program, product mix, trading mechanism and customer service support in cooperation with the partners' Partners to quickly expand the size of the company and profitability.

Real and valuable affiliate program, set up for HERO's Introducing Broker Partner!

Analysis and Investigation of Market before Cooperation

  • Market outlook analysis
  • Business and profit forecast
  • Company business ability and service inspection

To conclude a partnership

  • Both parties sign up for training to introduce brokers
  • Familiar with the business process
  • Market development preparation


Cooperative pre - training and service

  • History and Advantages of HERO
  • Introduce the use of brokers' intelligent management system
  • HERO business process introduction
  • Discuss and develop brokers' market expansion program

Introduce customer and provide guidance

  • Introduce the customer and guide the deposit and deposit process
  • To provide guidance and services to customers
  • Provide customers with trading system technical support


Continuous market and training support

  • Diversified marketing activities
  • Continuing introduction of brokers operating training guidance
  • 24 hour consultancy service

Introducing brokers' performance continues to grow

  • Significant increase in operating results
  • Company business healthy development
  • To promote closer cooperation