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MT4 download

MT4 computer platform

System Requirements
Processor Speed of 400Mhz or higher speed
System Windows Vista / Windows7 / Windows8 / Windows10
RAM 256MB or more
Browser  IE 6.0 or more
modem 56 Kbps or higher modem connected to the Internet
Display resolution Set at 1024x768

Download MT4 - PC
Operating system : Windows Vista / Windows7 / Windows8 / Windows10

MT4 mobile platform

HERO also provides MT4 mobile trading platform. The MT4 mobile trading platform supports iOS and Android mobile systems, enabling investors to manage their trading accounts anytime, anywhere via a smartphone or tablet. In addition to the perfect order transaction and account management functions, MT4 mobile trading platform also provides comprehensive analysis options. No matter where you are, as long as there are WiFi or mobile Internet, investors can use the MT4 mobile trading platform at any time to watch the latest market trends and transactions, always control investment opportunities. With the HERO website bank card into the gold instant arrival function, investors can easily trade.

Anytime, anywhere handheld trading

Just a mobile phone, you can anytime, anywhere online transactions, will not miss any trading opportunities.

Smartphone full coverage

IOS, Android and other systems compatible, most of the smart phones and tablet PCs can be installed to use, information and computer synchronization.

Easy to use interface

MT4 mobile trading platform using the new Chinese interface, very few operating actions can be achieved handheld trading, flexible and easy to use.

Convenient quotation management

You can increase or decrease the trading products in the offer window, set the display of the required product quotes, real-time display price and selling price spreads.

Intelligent chart analysis function

Can quickly analyze the chart, including switching products, adjust the cycle, increase the index and zoom out the scope of a series of analysis, flexible analysis of product technology trends.

Diversified trading operations

MT4 mobile trading platform can be traded and commissioned transactions, accurate implementation of stop-loss, only profit and pending orders, free to set the transaction price.

IOS system MT4
download MT4

Android system MT4
download MT4