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MT4 problem

How do I see all the trades offered by HERO?

In the "Market Quote" window, right-click and select "Show All" to view all product varieties that can be traded. Specific transaction code and the corresponding product name.

I have downloaded the MT4 platform. How can I log in to a real account for trading?

Once the customer has successfully entered the account, the system will provide you with the transaction account, password and server information. You only need to use this account and password to log in to the HERO MT4 trading platform and select the server to log in to the real account.

How do I change the MT4 transaction password?

To change the real account transaction password for HERO MT4, please log in to HERO's website at www.herofx.com. Please use your registered mailbox as a user name login HERO official website, and modify the password column by checking the official website login password to modify.

How do I insert a chart metric on the HERO MT4 platform?

Please follow the steps below:
1. On the top menu bar, select Insert> Technical Specifications;
2. You can also insert the "Technical Specifications" from the "Navigation" section.

How do I create trendlines and other lines of research?

Please proceed as follows:
1. On the top menu bar, select "Insert";
2. Select the desired trend line;
3. When the mouse button is released, the image icon for the selected trend line with the crosshairs appears. Use the mouse to place the crosshairs on the selected chart. Click the mouse, hold down and move the mouse to adjust the size of the trend line. Shortcuts for line research can also be accessed by clicking the "Browse"> "Toolbars"> "Line research", so that the icons appear just under the menu bar. You can also choose other options that appear at the top of the screen, including click on trend lines, crosshairs, Fibonacci retrace lines, and so on.

Does MT4 have a user guide?

Yes, select Help> Help Topics on the platform.

What is the time zone on the MT4 platform? Can this time be adjusted?

Customers see the time on the MT4 for Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), 8 hours later than Beijing time.

How do I choose to use language on MT4?

In the top menu bar, select view -> languages -> Chinese (simplified), and then restart the MT4 software, the display language is the Chinese interface.