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Overview of MT4

HERO Metatrader 4.0 (MT4) is the advanced and efficient financial trading platform provided by HERO for investors. In the global capital market, MT4 trading platform in the industry to enjoy a leadership position. Investors only through a comprehensive account, you can exchange foreign exchange and other diversified CFD product transactions.

MT4 provides dozens of system default technical indicators, investors can also develop or join their own design specifications, with the perfect advanced chart analysis tools, the trend analysis of the market, and efficient to help investors to invest in analysis and make smart decisions , Easy to grasp every trading opportunity.

MT4 is one of the most popular financial trading software that is favored and praised by the global investors. In addition to the flexible single transaction function, MT4 also provides news, quotation, chart analysis, index programming, alarm, email and other functions.

Product diversification of the trading platform
Only need to access the Internet computer or smart phone, you can trade foreign exchange and other CFD products.

Immediate trading offer
Using the world's top banks and financial institutions jointly set up the transaction price, efficient and transparent, timely and accurate.

Advanced charting tools
Advanced graphical features enable you to more accurately determine the open position, open the price. Analysis of indicators to help investors better grasp the favorable trading opportunities, to make a quick and wise investment strategy.

Advanced transaction function
Investors can use the market orders, pending orders, stop-loss orders and tracking stop function to operate, more effective for transaction management; can be set to reach a price sound alarm, no need to worry about missing trading opportunities.

Data encryption
All customer terminals and platform server data communication between the use of up to 256 data encryption, with 24-hour online customer service support, so that investors pay more peace of mind.

High speed and efficiency, the next single flexible
Provide high-speed trading and immediate execution of trading orders. Regardless of current price transactions or pending orders, can be set at the same time stop and stop the price to protect profits and control losses.

Account status at a glance
Through the platform can always view the account positions, asset value and profit and loss situation, simple and convenient.