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Privacy Policy

HERO respect customer service concept, for customer privacy maintenance and confidentiality work is very important, this is the core responsibility of HERO operations. As a result, HERO has a specific policy to protect your private information, as well as how HERO collects personal information and how it is disclosed, used and protected. Therefore, please read the following Privacy Policy Terms before accepting HERO's services.

Collect Information

In order to provide you with exclusive services, HERO will collect your personal non-public information from these channels, including:

  • (Such as your name, e-mail address, phone number, date of birth, ID number, passport information, driver's license information) that you can personally identify in your account application (real account or demo account) , Past investment experience, investment objectives, etc.);
  • Information you get when trading through the HERO system. HERO retains all transactions and activity records of the Client's account, including but not limited to the closing information of the Client's account.
  • HERO also collects customer information from public resources, such as company registries, and collects customer information. HERO will hold the Client's personal information strictly in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles of the 1988 Privacy Act and the 2012 Privacy Amendment (Add Privacy) Act.
  • When the personal data is collected by a third party (non-client), HERO will take a compliance step to ensure that the customer is aware of the collection of the information and that it has read the terms of this Privacy Policy.
  • In order to prevent disputes between HERO and customers, the customer and the HERO staff telephone conversation between the recording. The recording source file or copy file may be used to resolve any dispute between Customer and HERO and comply with HERO's statutory obligations, including the requirements of the regulatory body and other government organizations.
  • HERO generally does not collect sensitive information unless the following exception occurs: This collection is authorized or requested by the Australian law or court / tribunal; there are suspected illegal activities or significant misconduct, or may threaten the operation of the HERO; if Do not gather to make HERO perform your service and meet your needs.

Use or disclosure of personal information

HERO takes reasonable steps to ensure the security of your personal information. We will not disclose personal or non-public information to third parties unless required by laws and regulations. The main purpose of HERO's use and disclosure of personal information is to collect and otherwise be legally authorized by the individual. For example, in these cases we may disclose or report such information:

  • We will disclose your personal information to third parties that we authorize, as long as we comply with the relevant securities laws and regulations, for analysis, research, market data editing, product creation, order delivery and execution of the relationship or any other legal purpose Or a third party that we believe may establish a contractual relationship, or a direct or indirect mentor who associates or associates a company, an agent or other authorized institution, or performs your services. In this case, unless we provide a clear purpose, we will prohibit third parties from using personal information. We prohibit others from using your information for the purpose of direct marketing for products or services. We also warrant that all of the people described here insist on the terms of the current policy and implement reasonable measures to protect your privacy.
  • Any use of any order relating to compliance with any law, regulation, decree or regulatory body, including the provision of any such information to any such regulatory body in accordance with the law or regulations, in cooperation with a law enforcement agency or a regulatory or regulatory organization.
  • To promote the HERO products and services to customers; any other purpose that the customer has agreed to; understand what customers may be interested in getting products and services from HERO; when necessary to authorize, complete, supervise or execute the transactions you require or authorize; And to monitor your account; to provide you with account confirmation, billing and records; to maintain the correct record of the file; the implementation of our customer agreement and other agreements; to meet our responsibility, or to protect our rights and property.

Personal information is confidential

  • HERO will be the first time for all new employees and third parties to read and help them to train this privacy policy to ensure that HERO employees and third parties must understand and how to deal with the customer's personal privacy information. If employees and related third parties ignore the HERO privacy policy, there will be disciplinary action if there is a violation or non-compliance with the privacy policy.
  • HERO will take all reasonable steps to prevent unauthorized use, loss, unauthorized use, interference, alteration or disclosure of Customer's personal data.
  • Unless the Australian law or the court or tribunal or other overseas supervisory and government agencies (even if it is not included in the federal scope) require continued information, once HERO no longer needs customer information, we will take reasonable steps to remove and destroy us And then need all the information of the individual or remove the personal identification.
  • In addition, our Internet-based systems reinforce security measures such as encryption and firewalls.

Customer rights

  • You have the right to ask us to reveal the right to hold all of your personal information about you. You may at any time request access to information held by HERO regarding your information, alter any inaccurate or inconsistent data, the right to use your personal data, and the right to prevent your privacy from being infringed. You can modify your profile via our website at our website or send an email to our customer service info@heroli.com or contact us immediately.
  • You do not need to provide us with any personal information that violates our wishes; however, this may cause us to temporarily be unable to provide you with services. It is important for us to be accurate, complete and up-to-date for all of your private information, which directly affects us to provide you with complete service.
  • If the customer needs to apply for a personal information from HERO and the request is complicated, in this case HERO will advise the customer for additional time.
  • If HERO has reason to suspect that serious illegal activity or misconduct is or may be engaged and related to the functions or operations of HERO, HERO may reject Customer's request for personal information and provide reason for rejection to Customer (unless the reasons are provided to the Client Are considered inappropriate or unreasonable), other regulatory matters, and provide an existing complaint mechanism.
  • If you have any questions about our privacy policy, or if you find that the employee or a third party who has established a contract with us has any violation of the privacy policy, or if you wish to file a complaint about how we handle your personal information, you can send an email To info@heroli.com to file a complaint.