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Risk statement

High risk investment

Foreign exchange and CFD transactions are high-risk margin transactions and are only applicable to individuals and institutional investors who are at risk of being able to bear the risk of loss. Before making your decision, you should carefully consider your own investment objectives, financial situation, experience level, risk tolerance and other conditions. This site is for your reference only and does not make any suggestions. You should familiarize yourself with all the risks associated with the margin transaction and make a discretionary investment decision. If you have any questions, please contact our professional advice.

Margin and leverage

HERO can offer a foreign exchange trading account with a leverage ratio of up to 200: 1, but highly leveraged means high-yield and high-risk coexistence. A small price fluctuation may cause a large fluctuation in the net asset value of the account, so the leveraged transaction will cause you to lose some or all The possibility of initial entry into gold. Therefore, you should be based on your risk tolerance to do the appropriate investment.

Network transactions

Transactions using the network are subject to certain risks, including but not limited to Internet system failures, software or hardware failures, and other force majeure factors. Since HERO can not control your equipment, it is specifically stated that HERO is not responsible for the loss of transactions incurred by the customer due to its own network problems if it is not possible to log in or perform other operations in the event of a network connection or speed problem. At the same time, we will continue to optimize our network environment and the server, and strive to provide you with a good trading environment.

Market analysis

All views, news, analysis, prices or other information posted on this website are for general market commentary and do not constitute any investment advice or induce you to buy or sell any off-the-shelf products or other financial instruments. You may not be liable to HERO for any result, including, but not limited to, profits or losses that may be caused directly or indirectly by reference to such information.

Site use

HERO has taken reasonable steps to ensure the correctness of such information on the Site. The content of the website may be subject to change at any time and without notice. You may legally use the Site, but may not use, interfere with, destroy, disrupt, attack any part of the Site without authorization.

Additional margin

You may receive a temporary notice of the call requiring a substantial increase in margin to maintain your position. If you do not meet the margin requirements within the specified time, your position will be forcibly closed, and you will be responsible for the resulting loss.

About Valet Trader

To ensure that the interests of customers, HERO does not support the agent Valet Trader. Due to the risk of the foreign exchange market, all HERO customers are required to operate their own trading account, not their own account to someone else on behalf of the operation.
If the customer insists that his or her transaction account user name and password be handed over to another person, HERO will be treated as a transaction with the customer. Any loss incurred by the Client's account is borne by the Client himself. HERO does not work with any Valet Finance Agency, HERO employees and agents are not allowed to operate the customer's account, please customers know!

EA with a single transaction

Any EA is subject to uncertainty, so if you choose EA with a single transaction, please bear the risk. HERO will remain neutral for you using EA (Expert Advisors) automatic trading program, and HERO will not recommend any EA for you. At the same time, HERO assumes no responsibility for the opening or closing of the position caused by the EA transaction.

Trading slip point

What is a slippery point?

Slip point is the transaction process, the customer orders and the final point of the transaction point difference.

What is the reason for that?

There are three reasons for generating slippage:

1. When the network delays, the customer issued a directive will also be delayed, then it sees the opening price and transaction price will be a gap

2. Because we use the seamless docking (STP + ECN) trading model, the customer's all transactions directly sent to the instructions, and the use of electronic matching trading model, then we must ensure that the transaction volume of the two sides are matched, if There is an imbalance, then there will be the so-called slip point situation.

The following example: When the customer at 1.06852 this price to sell 1.1M, then it will be in accordance with the price of 1.06852 transactions, but if the customer sold the price of 1.06852 3.7M, then it will be 1.2M + 1M + 1.5 M Three depth of the price of the weighted average settlement, resulting in the transaction price.

1.2 * 1.06852 + 1 * 1.06851 + 1.5 * 1.06849) /3.7=1.068505, because the MT4 platform does not provide the depth of view, then in this case there will be customers that the point of the situation.

3. At the time of publication of the data, the liquidity provider becomes particularly cautious as if the market is ambiguous and will take the form of no offer or spread, in which case the customer is trading Time, there will be slippery situation.

The principle of slippage only

Transaction principle:

Stop loss is the trigger is reached or more than set the price after the trigger, after the trigger can be traded next tick quotation transactions. So the customer set the stop-loss is not necessarily the final closing price, the transaction price from the market was able to determine the price of the transaction.

For example:

In the gold offer (1211.45 / 1211.75) when more than a single (more than a single open position to see selling price), set only profit 1220.00, the price rose steadily, assuming the offer price is 1219.60,1219.80,1220.10,1219.50, then the list will The first more than the price of only the price of 1220.10 was triggered in the next Tick offer 1219.5 deal; if the price after 1220.10 the next newspaper
The price is 1222 list is likely to close in the vicinity of 1222.00.

Slip points can not be circumvented and can not be predicted. As a result, HERO shall not be liable for any slippage caused by the market gait, nor shall it be liable for any loss arising from the forced liquidation of the account in the event of a special market.

Price Gap

There are usually two cases of price hopping:
1. One means that the last price and the next price between the extraordinary interval, there is a price gap, as we see in the left figure "gap."
2. In the same minute, the price changes, such as the right, although this situation can not see the gap, but the market is still a gapped.

The same as the widening of the same, but also prone to major financial data published or unexpected news events, such as non-agricultural, US interest rate decision announced, there are weekend stops and Monday opening and so on. The effect of Gap on the transaction is:

1. Whether it is only profit, stop-loss, the market is still a single entry-type pending orders, as long as the market trolls, the transaction will be affected. The platform will be the price after the gapped for customers to pay orders. This price is due to the real price in the market, so it can not predict the distance with the unprecedented price.
2. Gapping will cause the slips of the order.
3. Gap caused by the slip of the transaction may cause customers in the explosion after the net value of a negative value, in this case, HERO will require customers to add a negative position.

Therefore, HERO has the responsibility to remind customers, should be fully aware of market risk, according to their own financial situation and trading experience to invest prudently. HERO does not assume any responsibility for the slippage or explosion of the market.

Spread out

HERO as a platform provider, to provide customers with floating spread of the transaction, the customer can through the official website trading product column to view the basic situation of the spread of the spread. But in some special cases, the trading products will appear higher than the average spread of some of the spread, we call the spread spread.

Spread spread generally occurs in the special news events announced time node, this time foreign exchange, precious metals and other products in the market price jump will be a little difference in the phenomenon of expansion, and CFDs CFDs in the futures trading time outside the normal spread The phenomenon of expansion.

So why will the spreads expand?

As a result of the opening or the occurrence of risk events, many banks and trading institutions for the risk management to stop the offer and transactions, resulting in liquidity offer source traffic becomes smaller, in a very small number of bank quotations under the premise of HERO spread will be expanded.

The general spread time is concentrated in:
A weekend stop and 5 minutes on Monday;
Important data or major news.

Spreads on the possible impact of the transaction:
(If the customer can use the margin is insufficient, the spread will lead to a decrease in the net value will lead to the margin ratio is too low, when the net reduction to 100% of the margin ratio, the system will be the customer's position to force the liquidation , In this process is easy to accompany the production of slippage, resulting in reduced profits after the customer burst warehouse)
B. For the lock warehouse receipts only stop the point of the transaction asymmetry. (Due to the huge difference between the bid and ask prices, the difference between the bid price and the selling price is also significant.)

Therefore, HERO here to remind the lock-up customers, the transaction process to reserve sufficient margin transactions, so that the net value of less than 100% of the margin led to burst warehouse. As a result of the phenomenon of market transactions for the conventional phenomenon, HERO strongly recommend that customers carefully read the risk statement, to understand the real market conditions and then select the transaction, or by the objective market in the special case spreads caused by the expansion of the slip or burst warehouse, HERO Bear any responsibility, not to give any compensation.