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Technical advantages

Powerful system and software development

HERO has a professional, industry experienced technical team, with more than 20 years of financial industry trading system development experience in the industry veteran leader. The team has a wealth of trading system, corporate website, mobile platform, payment gateway and other aspects of the development experience, and in the MT4 platform, website and customer management platform functions and so made a number of important breakthroughs, while MT4 platform, Mobile phone platform, MT4 plug-in, API development accumulated a wealth of experience.

High-speed, stable trading platform

HERO provides customers with advanced and efficient MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform. HERO has a strong server, to provide customers with fast, stable trading system. At the same time, HERO uses the industry's leading network security services provider VeriSign for the global network security partners, the gateway uses 256-bit advanced encryption technology, powerful systems and network security to ensure the smooth progress of customer transactions.

Advanced and efficient software platform

  • Website and transaction system integration Broker management and customer relationship management system (CRM), so that brokers to efficiently manage the name of the customer's business, analysis of customer transactions, view the commission situation, and can be assigned to the clerk customers Development;
  • Intelligent transaction management system, directly connected to the international foreign exchange market, for continuous transactions;
  • Support multi-account management, customers can follow the different investment strategy to open more accounts, better management of funds;
  • The same name account;
  • Support fund management, can be a number of trading accounts for trading operations and management.

Network management

HERO in the network security, e-mail, firewall equipment are used on the rigorous hardware and software solutions, and a sound system backup program. All customers of the transaction data are strictly preserved, the maximum extent to protect the customer's funds and interests.

Maximum 256-bit VeriSign SSL certificate

最高256位 VeriSign SSL 凭证

Use highly respected VeriSign SSL encryption and verification services to ensure a high degree of security for network and customer transactions. Use the highest-level enhanced SSL certificate, with Norton Secured Seal, search results, and daily website malware scanning. Customers from the search, browse to the transaction and other links, are safe and reliable.

  • Enhanced website verification. Customers can see the green HERO company name in the new browser's address bar. The green company name website shows that VeriSign will be verified by VeriSign's operating qualification.
  • Up to 256 bit of website data encryption communication, can ensure that the customer's communication security.
  • Daily Web site malware scanning can detect any malicious code that further protects network security.

Global network communications security expert Symantec, its products Norton, Verisign on the site communications, anti-virus, anti-hacker attacks, false site prevention has been the authority within the line.

Norton Secured Seal is one of the most trusted on the Internet, with over 650 million visits per day in more than 100,000 sites in 165 countries or regions.

Advanced and efficient MT4 trading platform

MetaTrader4 trading platform operating structure

MetaTrader4 交易平台运作架构

HERO MetaTrader 4 trading platform, advanced and powerful, in the industry to enjoy a leadership position. MT4 combines the latest developments in software technology to provide customers with safe, reliable, efficient and convenient automated trading platform. Platform easy to use, customers can easily set the transaction portfolio, through a comprehensive account, foreign exchange and other CFD product transactions.

MT4 provides dozens of system default technical indicators, investors can also develop or join their design of technical indicators, with the perfect advanced chart analysis tools to efficiently help investors to market and investment analysis. In addition to flexible single transaction function, MT4 also provides news, quotes, chart analysis, index programming, prompt alarm, e-mail communications and other functions.

HERO also provides MT4 mobile platform for customers. MT4 mobile platform can support iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone system, customers can anytime, anywhere through a smart phone or tablet computer transactions.