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Pay attention to withdraw money

Please note:

1.When applying for a deposit, the client shall ensure that sufficient funds are available for payment;

2. When submitting the [Confirmation Application], the customer shall ensure that the information of the information filled in is correct and that any additional charges incurred due to the failure of the customer to fill in the mistake or cause the additional expenses incurred by the customer will be borne by the customer;

3. Monthly payment of the first monthly free of charge; monthly follow-up deposit each time the corresponding transfer costs charged about 25 dollars once, depending on the charge of the gold bank may be.

4. HERO platform deposit will usually arrive within a working day;

5. We strictly abide by the International Anti-Money Laundering Law to protect your funds. Any information you submit at HERO is protected by HERO encryption technology and we will never share it with third parties without your permission.