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HERO's stock products are traded in CFDs, which are more favorable than traditional stock deals.

The CFD has rapidly developed into a trading product for individuals and institutional investors. CFD allows you to share all the profits of the investment stock without having to really hold the stock, eliminating the transaction costs of the majority of the sale of the stock. CFD tracks and reflects individual stock or index prices, investing in CFDs You can also get the corresponding dividend benefits (depending on positions or short positions) in addition to the profits you can enjoy for stock price changes.

The advantages of CFD

1, short-term sales / long-term purchase - because you are investing in changes in stock prices rather than actual holdings, so buy and sell can be carried out in real time without waiting for settlement or stock transfer, you can also short-selling stock prices The opportunity to profit. So a CFD investor can profit from a bull market or a bear market or invest in the market for short-term trading.

2, real-time transaction confirmation - CFD allows real-time transaction confirmation, different from the market conditions in some transactions waiting for confirmation.

3, margin trading / leverage ratio - trading CFD only need to pay the deposit without paying the full amount of the transaction. This allows you to use your wealth efficiently and simply pay a small portion of the transaction amount as a margin to be able to participate in the market control of your portfolio. As long as you make good use of it, you can make use of margin trading leverage ratio of your investment income.

4, high efficiency, low transaction costs - CFD transactions do not pay stamp duty and exchange fees, and CFD profits do not have to pay the value-added tax (according to the British national system, the customer country specific circumstances may be different) The

5, the benefits from the company's actions - as CFD reflects the stock in the stock market price changes, they also reflect the corporate dividend sent to the behavior, which means that the owner of CFD [stock] will receive dividends, Split or merge, as they have real shares, the only difference is that CFD owners do not have any voting rights.

6, simplicity - CFD transactions with the spot market transactions are essentially different, the trade fair with the fastest speed and close to the spot market price.