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common problem
Regular problems

How do I get to HERO when I'm dealing with a deal or a platform connection?

Hello, you can contact your account manager or official online customer service to contact the complaint; of course, you can also send the relevant questions described to the customer service mail info@heroli.com.

HERO customer service time is?

Hello, Asia Pacific service area Our customer service time is Beijing Monday to Friday 09: 00 ~ 21: 30, in order to enhance the customer experience, we will be in the relevant statutory holidays will be related to customer service staff on duty.

Platform products in the weekend after the opening of Monday there will be price jumping it?

Hello, is the case, generally closed in the weekend after the suspension, the market changes in the fundamentals will lead to the corresponding product after the opening price hopping, please do ahead of risk prevention.

HERO platform to accept US customers?

Hello, HERO does not accept US customers because US CFTC regulators prohibit US customers from opening an account to foreign dealers. HERO complies with laws and regulations in the world and in Australia.

Is the deposit to my trading account able to get the corresponding interest?

Hello, HERO does not pay interest on the balance of customer funds. The

My trading password forget how to do?

Hello, you can contact us by contacting the relevant account manager or official website to reset the password operation, we will reset the account password to send mail to your account opening, the main check can be re-login.

HERO's supervisor number is?

Hello, HERO obtained regulatory licenses for the Australian Securities & Investment Commission in 2004, ASIC is one of the world's most recognized regulators, and the ASIC is based on the Australian Securities and Investments Commission Act 2001 The Australian Securities & Investments Commission Act 2001). The main functions include the supervision, investigation and management of financial markets in Australia and the investigation of customer complaints. ASICs require financial institutions to comply with industry practices. In case of irregularities, it will be severely punished by ASIC, including revocation of business license or prosecution by court.
HERO Ltd.'s Australian Financial Services License (ACN) number is 608721786. For more regulatory requirements and details of ASICs, please visit the ASIC's official website at www.asic.gov.au and see the relevant legal documents page: http://www.heroli.com/article-legalDocument-1

Where does HERO store the customer's funds?

Hello, HERO customer funds are deposited in the Australian AA Bank Australia National Bank (NAB) independent isolation account to protect the customer account funds security. NAB is one of the four largest financial institutions in Australia. In 1981, it was merged with Australia's longest Australian National Bank of Australia and Sydney Commercial Bank. It is one of the top 20 in the world and one of the world's safest banks.

How long will HERO go into gold and pay?

Out of gold: gold out of the general charge in the background after 1-3 business days to account

Into the gold: Hello, HERO online customers into the gold generally within three hours into account; wire transfer gold into the gold generally 3 to 5 working days.

How should I get gold?

Hello! HERO can support a variety of ways to deposit home, we accept domestic banks and international bank transfer, BPAY, Skrill and savings card payment.

Debit Card

Safe online payment, in any opening hours, directly to your MT4 or MT5 trading account into the gold.
Available currency: USD, RMB

Bank Wire Transfer: International SWIFT

Directly to HERO in NAB's isolated bank account remittance.
Available currency: USD, RMB

Bank Wire Transfer: Australia

Australian domestic wire transfer directly to HERO in NAB's isolated bank account remittance.
Available currency: AUD

BPAY (Australia only)

Use the bill code and use the customer consultation number through the bank / credit institution to use BAPY online banking
Available currency: AUD

Skrill / Moneybookers

Secure online payment via your Skrill / Moneybookers account.
Available currency: USD

The specific process can be credited through the HERO Business Center for deposit operations.

When does the HERO platform start and close?

Hello, HERO offer starts and closes at:

Start time: 00:03 MetaTrader 4 server time

Off time: 23:58 MetaTrader 4 server time

What is HERO's platform time setting?

Hello, the HERO server time is GMT + 2 (winter time) or GMT + 3 (daylight saving time) in order to match the candle chart to the New York closing price (5:00 pm New York time)

What is the trading time setting for the HERO platform for gold and silver?

Hello, gold and silver (XAUUSD and XAGUSD) trading hours:

  • Start time: 01:00 MetaTrader 4 server time
  • Off time: 23:58 MetaTrader 4 server time

Because there are a small number of liquidity providers will offer a quotation, so there will be intermittent quotes between the MT4 server time between 23:58 and 01:00.

Account issues

1, how to apply for a real account?

Hello, according to the Australian Anti-Money Laundering Act and Anti-Terrorism Financing Act, HERO is required to confirm the identity of the customer before the account is opened. The application for the real account requires you to prepare the following information:

ID card,

  • Photos must be colored and clear;
  • Must be issued by the government;
  • Name, ID number, validity period must be clearly visible.

Commonly used mobile phone number
Common mailbox

Please contact your official website "OPEN A REAL ACCOUNT" and submit your customer application. Once your application is approved, HERO will send two additional user names and passwords including background and CRM customer management background. Mail, you receive the message after you keep your account password, to prevent the password leak to your money to bring losses, of course, you can also modify your password through the platform software, but also to keep your account password, to avoid leakage To other people.

2, how to apply HERO platform simulation account?

Open the HERO official website, click to open a demo account, fill in the relevant information, we will send a demo account in your mailbox; or you can also MT4 client, point file - open a new simulation account, and then follow the prompt step by step to apply for simulation account number.

3, the demo account and the real account the same?

Hello, demo accounts and real accounts are the same source of offer, but for technical reasons, real and demo accounts do not enjoy the same trading environment. Because the demo account does not enter the real trading market, so the real account is not comparable. The demo account is designed to make the trader familiar with the trader familiar with the trading platform, so it can not be used to bring a real trading experience.

4, my account of the minimum deposit is how much?

Hello, open an account at HERO and a minimum deposit of $ 200.

5, how many accounts can I open in HERO?

Hello, HERO limits each customer to a maximum of 5 transactions with the same name.

6, HERO gold and gold fee is how much?

Hello, HERO online gold customers enjoy the deposit fee free of charge;

If the amount of the HERO customer account is less than US $ 200, you will be responsible for the 20 dollars charged by the bank; if the amount is greater than US $ 200, the bank will be exempted from the handling fee;

If the customer chooses to elect or deposit gold, the arrival time is about 3 to 5 working days.

Please carefully calculate the amount of gold, to avoid the impact of the account in the transaction, or due to the deposit after the deposit caused by the loss of the loss borne by the customer himself;

7, how long will my account be canceled?

Hello, HERO will retain the customer account for one year, within a year of customer accounts in the capital less than 20 dollars under the premise of any transaction, it will be canceled.

product problem

1, how to check the overnight interest table?

HERO platform overnight interest can be directly in the Metatrader4 platform. In the "Market Quote" window anywhere in the right click, select "trading varieties" in the pop-up window, select the currency you want to see, and then click the right "Properties", then pop up the window you can see " Period of inventory "and" sell orders swap inventory "is to buy and sell the overnight interest.

You can also go to our website " interest table ", because overnight interest is often updated, such as on the site and on the MT4 platform, please MT4 platform In the interest prevail.

  Long Short
AUDCAD 1.36 -5.244
AUDCHF 3.064 -7.596
AUDJPY 1.768 -8.424
AUDNAD -4.008 0.816
AUDUSD 1.024 -2.76
CADCHF 1.704 -4.836
CADJPY 0.408 -4.284
CHFJPY -5.94 0.072
EURAUD -13.668 5.576
EURCAD -8.28 2.52
EURCHF 0.344 -2.904
EURGBP -3.312 0.48
EURJPY -4.14 -0.552
EURNZD -17.94 7.688
EURUSD -6.624 2.656
GBPAUD -93528 3.88
GBPCAD -4.968 0.68
GBPCHF 1.704 -6.492
GBPJPY -2.208 -4.14
GBPNZD -15.18 6.056
GBPUSD -2.352 0.48
NADCAD 2.448 -6.348
NZDCHF 3.744 -9.252
NZDJPY 3.472 -9.528
NZDUSD 1.84 -4.284
SGDJPY -4.56 -8.976
USDCAD -1.104 -2.484
USDCNG -138 8.84
USDJPY 0.816 -7.044
USDNOK -8.28 -8.28
USDSEK 14.96 -82.8
USDSGD -2.484 -7.176
XAGUSD -1.2 -0.389
XAUUSD -70.38 -9.66
XPTUSD -9.4944 -2.2218

2, what is the deposit? How do I calculate my margin?

On the MT4 platform, we translated Magin into a prepayment. Generally referred to as "margin".

Margin is a sum that you must prepay in your account in order to open a position. Unlike the previous fixed margin model, HERO uses a new floating margin calculation method - the market price of the traded product will be linked to the margin amount of the margin, that is, investors in the HERO platform for foreign exchange or precious metals trading margin is likely to follow its market The price has changed. HERO offers up to 400 times the margin lever.

The required margin is calculated in base currency and then converted to US dollars at current exchange rates. If your available margin (prepay) is lower than the margin you required for your opening, you will not be able to open.

The available margin is used to measure the margin required to open a new position.

Note: The calculation of the margin variable Market Price is specified as the market price of the transaction product at the time of transaction.

Margin is calculated by the following formula:

Margin = number of trades * Contract Size * Market Price / Leverage example is as follows:

If you wish to open a 0.1-hand (1-hand unit of 100,000 base units) on the basis of EUR / USD's current price (1.35645), the account leverage is 400 times, then your required margin is calculated as follows: :

(0.1x 100000x 1.35645) / 400 = $ 33.91

In this example, the next 0.1 hand order margin is $ 33.91, so your account can have a margin of at least $ 33.91 before you can open a position.

If USD / JPY and other USD as the base currency currency pairs, the required margin is directly: the number of transactions / leverage.

If the above-mentioned investors in the 99.80 stalls to do more than 1 mini-hand dollars / yen, then the order transaction has been used margin (fixed) as:

Margin = 1Lot * 10,000 (Contract size) * 1 (Market Price) / 100 (Leverage) = 100.00 (USD)

In addition, when the trader's price of $ 1 in the $ 0.9460 stall on the HERO platform, the dollar / Swiss franc currency pair of the mini-hand is due to the straight market price of its molecule (USD) Margin amount (fixed) is:

Margin = 1Lot * 10,000 (Contract size) * 1 (Market Price) / 100 (Leverage) = 100.00 (USD)

The following are some of the foreign exchange crossings and gold products on the margin calculation:

For example, customer A in the HERO platform at 102.20 stalls short 2 mini hands of the Australian dollar / yen, and this time the long-term Australian dollar / dollar offer for the 1.0304, the customer A in the order transaction has been used for the current margin:

Margin = 2Lots * 10,000 (Contract Size) * 1.0304 (Market Price) / 100 (Leverage) = 206.08 (USD)

Note: The margin has been adjusted with the Australian dollar / dollar market price changes.

In addition, when the customer A in the HERO platform in the 0.8520 stall short 5 mini-hand euro / sterling, and this time the price of euro / dollar quoted at 1.3048, then the user's margin at the time of the transaction:

Margin = 5Lots * 10,000 (Contract Size) * 1.3048 (Market Price) / 100 (Leverage) = 652.40 (USD)

Note: The margin has been adjusted with the euro / dollar market price changes.

Finally, the margin New Deal also applies to investors in the HERO platform involved in gold and silver products trading. For example: customer A in 1440.00 US dollars stalls short 10 mini hands gold (1 mini hands gold contract for 10 ounces), the order transaction, it has been used for the margin:

Margin = 10Lots * 10 (Contract Size) * 1440 (Market Price) / 100 (Leverage) = 1440.00 (USD)

Note: The margin has been adjusted with the change in the gold price (XAU / USD).

HERO this leverage and margin New Deal aims to effectively control all customers in the HERO ECN platform for foreign exchange, precious metals products, investment risk, and the CFD CFD margin calculation method remains unchanged.

HERO reminds investors once again to fully understand the policy changes in this policy.

What are the leverage that HERO can offer?

Hello, HERO offers flexible leverage from 1: 100 to 1: 400 to suit different customer needs, modify the leverage required by the customer to submit the leverage through the background to modify the application.

The specific leverage threshold is as follows:

HERO Leverage application conditions
Available lever Minimum deposit Maximum capital limit
1:400 500$ 50000$
1:300 500$ 100000$
1:200 500$ 250000$
1:100 200$ >250000$

4, HERO platform for the forced liquidation rules is what?

HERO's margin payment level is the maximum loss order for a prepayment (margin) ratio of 120%, but will not be forced to close. When the prepaid ratio is reduced to below 100%, the system will begin to forcibly open, the order is from the loss of the largest order to the loss of the smallest order to open one by one. Note: not all positions at the same time all positions, but one by one open positions. When the largest loss of the position, the prepaid ratio is higher than 100%, the system will not continue to open positions, but wait for the proportion of prepaid again below 100%, it began to flat down the next loss of the largest orders.

The margin is as follows:
Pre-payment ratio level = net / used prepaid x 100% = prepayment level

5, HERO platform which products can be offered?

Hello HERO platform has about 40 currency pairs, two precious metals, five kinds of goods and eight kinds of indices for trading, more products are still being added, so stay tuned.

6, HERO platform simulation account has a validity limit?

Hello, HERO's default time for demo accounts is 30 days.

7, HERO platform for a single minimum and maximum opening is how much?

Hello, HERO platform for all products single open requirements are as follows:

  Single minimum number of hands Single maximum number of hands
forex 0.01 hand 50 hand
XAUUSD 0.01 hand 25 hand
XAGUSD 0.01 hand 25 hand
CL-OIL 0.01 hand 25 hand
COPPER 0.01 hand 10 hand
GAS 0.01 hand 10 hand
HO 0.01 hand 10 hand
NG 0.01 hand 10 hand
CHINA50 1 hand 125 hand
DAX30 1 hand 125 hand
DJ30 1 hand 125 hand
FTSE100 1 hand 125 hand
HSI 1 hand 125 hand
SP500 1 hand 125 hand
SPI200 1 hand 125 hand
Nikkei225 50 hand 10,000 hand

8, foreign exchange, precious metals, the index in the stop setting in the current price limit is how much?

Hello, HERO in the related product stop setting requirements are as follows:

symbol Pending distance
forex 20points
XAUUSD 200points
XAGUSD 10points
CL-OIL 50points
HO 0
NG 0
CHINA50 20points
DAX30 500points
DJ30 500points
FTSE100 500points
SP500 200points
SPI200 500points
Nikkei225 1000points

9, foreign exchange, precious metals, commodities and related indices offer the closure of the time range is how much?

Hello, HERO all products offer the switch time is as follows:


market Time quotes Opening time
AUDCAD 00:00-24:00 00:00-23:59
AUDCHF 00:00-24:00 00:00-23:59
AUDJPY 00:00-24:00 00:00-23:59
AUDNZD 00:00-24:00 00:00-23:59
AUDUSD 00:00-24:00 00:00-23:59
CADCHF 00:00-24:00 00:00-23:59
CADJPY 00:00-24:00 00:00-23:59
CHFJPY 00:00-24:00 00:00-23:59
EURAUD 00:00-24:00 00:00-23:59
EURCAD 00:00-24:00 00:00-23:59
EURCHF 00:00-24:00 00:00-23:59
EURGBP 00:00-24:00 00:00-23:59
EURJPY 00:00-24:00 00:00-23:59
EURNZD 00:00-24:00 00:00-23:59
EURUSD 00:00-24:00 00:00-23:59
GBPAUD 00:00-24:00 00:00-23:59
GBPCAD 00:00-24:00 00:00-23:59
GBPCHF 00:00-24:00 00:00-23:59
GBPJPY 00:00-24:00 00:00-23:59
GBPNZD 00:00-24:00 00:00-23:59
GBPUSD 00:00-24:00 00:00-23:59
NZDJPY 00:00-24:00 00:00-23:59
NZDUSD 00:00-24:00 00:00-23:59
USDCAD 00:00-24:00 00:00-23:59
USDCHF 00:00-24:00 00:00-23:59
USDJPY 00:00-24:00 00:00-23:59


market quotation time opening time
XAUUSD 01:00-24:00 01:00-24:00
XAGUSD 01:00-24:00 01:00-24:00
CL-OIL 01:00-24:00(Friday 01: 00-23: 45) 01:00-23:15,23:30-24:00(Friday 01: 00-23: 45)
COPPER 01:00-24:00 01:00-24:00
GAS 01:00-24:00 01:00-24:00
HO 01:00-24:00 01:00-24:00
NG 01:00-24:00 01:00-24:00


market quotation time opening time
CHINA50 04:00-10:55,11:40-21:00(Friday 11: 45-21: 00) 04:00-10:55,11:40-21:00(Friday 11: 45-21: 00)
DAX30 09:00-23:00 09:00-23:00
DJ30 01:00-23:15,23:30-24:00(Friday 01: 00-23: 15) 01:00-23:15,23:30-24:00(Friday 01: 00-23: 15)
FTSE100 09:00-23:00 09:00-23:00
HSI 04:00-07:00,08:00-11:15 04:15-07:00,08:00-11:15
SP500 01:00-23:15,23:30-24:00(Friday 01: 00-23: 15) 01:00-23:15,23:30-24:00(Friday 01: 00-23: 15)
SPI200 02:50-09:29,10:10-23:59(Friday 10:10-23:44) 02:50-09:29,10:10-23:59(Friday 10:10-23:44)
Nikkei225 02:00-23:15 02:00-23:15
Trading problems

1, what is the spread?

Hello, in Forex trading, you will see a quote on both sides, consisting of ask (ask) and selling price (bid). The purchase price represents the price at which you can buy the base currency (while selling the non-base currency); the selling price represents the price at which you can sell the base currency (also buy non-base currency). The difference between the purchase price and the selling price is the spread, and the traders profit from the spread.

2, when my deal encounters a problem, can I use a telephone transaction?

Hello, HERO offers 5 days 24 hours trading. If you encounter any problems in the transaction, you can call the official customer service hotline to trade, but our telephone transaction is only responsible for modifying and closing the position, and not accept the new opening instructions The

3, what is the slippery point?

"Slip point" refers to a transaction or pending order transactions, the actual order transaction price and the difference between the default price of a transaction phenomenon. It occurs when the market price changes greatly, and the liquidity can not keep up with the price changes, such as market gapping, may be reopened after the weekend, or after major news events (such as employment data or interest rate resolution). All markets are prone to slippage is a common consensus, and in the ECN match trading fair mechanism, when the investor defaults a stop sheet, stop loss or pending order, if the market price to meet the trigger price set by the investor , The Stop Loss, the Stop Loss Order or the Order will be the market order and will be traded at the best available market price at that time. As a result, slippage points may lead to greater returns, or greater losses, the probability of gains and risks being equal.

In addition, we advise customers to avoid or reduce the risk exposure at the time of weekend or market closures or any political events, major press releases, and understand that this type of gapping is likely to occur frequently.

How can you avoid the negative impact of slippage? First, the slippery point can not be really circumvented, the range of slippery points is unpredictable. In the real market, we can not predict the next price, so we can not give a range of slippage;
b.HERO provides the following strategies to help reduce customer transaction losses:
as much as possible to reduce the slide Point in the case of similar restrictions on admission and other pending orders;
as far as possible not to Shigekura transactions, to maintain adequate margin to withstand the unpredictable Gap;

HERO advises customers to be familiar with reading the above risk statement and acknowledge the familiar account. If you do not accept the above risk statement, please cancel your account or divest.

4, what is the price jumping?

"Gap" means that the market changes from one offer to the second offer, and the larger. Order (Stop Loss, Limit or New Order) The execution price is not the same as the previously set offer, ie the Gap event occurs. That is, between the last price and the next price between the extraordinary interval we often see the gap, in English with "Gap" to describe.


There may be a number of reasons for this event. In general, the opening price is significantly different from the closing price of the previous day; or in the course of the transaction, the underlying market is fluctuating or the liquidity is insufficient, resulting in a sudden fluctuation in prices; or because of economic, political , The environment or corporate news caused the underlying market to jump from a price and traded at another significantly different price.

In addition, we advise customers to avoid or reduce the risk exposure at the time of weekend or market closures or any political events, major press releases, and understand that this type of gapping is likely to occur frequently.

The following are the prices of several pending and stop-loss prices, both of which occur when the liquidity is asymmetric:

Example 1, Limit Limit Orders (Stop)

Hold more than one - the implementation of "limit sell" open, that is, "only profit."

1376.90 , the establishment of a closing limit of the commission (that is, only profit).

Execute : After creating the order, the "selling price" has not risen to 1376.90 , but then the market suddenly fluctuates significantly, the market price " ( 1376.90 ), jump to 1377.34 , triggering the first market price of the system after a tamper 1377.34 execution. And more than $ 1376.90 .

List of positions Hand commodity Price Sell Limit(Sell) Deal price
Buy 1 XAUUSD 1375.16 1376.90 1377.34

Example 2: stoppage order (stop loss)

Hold the empty one - the implementation of "stop loss buy" open, that is, "stop."

Pending order:The customer sold the spot gold XAUSUD at the market price, the opening price was 1430.23 , and the customer immediately set up a stop at 1432.83 Loss of commission (ie stop).
Execute: After the order has been created, the "buy price" has not risen to 1432.83 , but then the market suddenly fluctuates significantly. ( 1432.83 ), jump to 1433.02 , triggering the system to the first market price after jumping 1433.02 Execute the deal. And less than 334.83 for the default stop loss 19 .

List of positions hand commodity price Buy Stop(Buy) Deal price
Buy 1 XAUUSD 1430.23 1432.83 1433.02

Example 3: Limitations of Open Limit Orders (Limit Buy)

No positions, pending orders.

Pending order:The customer has established a limit purchase order (open), buy a pair of European and American currencies, linked to the price1.3180

carried out:After the success of the establishment of the order, the "purchase price" has not fell to 1.3180 , but then the market suddenly a greater volatility, the market price "Gap" situation, the purchase price suddenly through the order ( 1.3180 ), down to 1.3173 , triggering the system to run the transaction at the first market price of 1.3173. And 70 compared to the default opening price 1.3180 .

Open order type hand commodity Default price deal price
Buy Limit 1 EURUSD 1.3180 1.3173

Example 4: Discontinued orders for open positions (stop selling)

No positions, pending orders.

Pending order:The customer has set up a deadline to sell the order (open position), sell a hand pound, and hang the price for 1.6420 .
Execute: After successfully creating the order, the "selling price" has not fallen to 1.6420 , but then the market suddenly fluctuated, the market price "jump ( 1.6420 ), fell to 1.6418 , triggering the system to the first market price after jumping 1.6418 Execution Transactions. And 20% less than the default opening price 1.6420 .

Open order type Hand commodity Price deal price
Sell Stop 1 GBPUSD 1.6420 1.6418

Any order (including only profit, stop loss, pending order) may be due to fluctuations in market conditions or by the impact of Gap, failed to perform at the default price. In the event of this situation, the order will be in accordance with the market the next most favorable price, the degree of slippage depends on the market buyers and sellers of liquidity. In the ECN anonymous match mode, each customer's order will be fair and anonymous match, each customer may get greater gains or losses, the benefits and risks are two-way reciprocal.

The general time of the gait window:
A. Non-agricultural and other important risks of financial events announced;
B. Unexpected financial data published;
C. Monetary and Fiscal Policy Changes Announcement;
D. Important financial officials talk and intervene;
E. The market has a huge deal of volume for a product or a huge demand for a currency.

The effect of price jumping:

1. Whether it is only profit, stop-loss, the market is still a single entry-type pending orders, as long as the market trolls, the transaction will be affected. The platform will be the price after the gapped for customers to pay orders. This price is due to the real price in the market, so it can not predict the distance with the unprecedented price.
2. Gapping will cause the slips of the order.
3. Gap caused by the slip of the transaction may cause customers in the explosion after the net value is negative.

Special statement: As a result of the phenomenon of market transactions for the conventional phenomenon, HERO strongly recommend that customers carefully read the risk statement, understand the real market conditions and then select the transaction, or by the objective market in special circumstances caused by price control slippery transactions or burst warehouse , HERO does not assume any responsibility, but does not give any compensation.

5, what is the difference to expand? Why does the difference spread?

HERO as ECN platform provider, to provide customers with floating spread of the transaction, the customer can be through the official website trading product column to view the basic situation of the spread of the spread. But in some special cases, the trading products will appear higher than the average spread of some of the spread, we call the spread spread.

Spread spread generally occurs in the special news events announced time node, this time foreign exchange, precious metals and other products in the market price jump will be a little difference in the phenomenon of expansion, and CFDs CFDs in the futures trading time outside the normal spread The phenomenon of expansion.

In the real understanding of widening spread at the same time, we first need to understand the ECN transaction principle:

ECN trading platform customer order transaction process is this:

Customer order (buy or sell) -> order through the dealer platform -> order is executed to the interbank market (ECN trading network) in a bank to accept (sell or buy)

It is worth noting that in this process, buying and selling is two processes, both of which are not carried out at the same time, so the implementation of these two operations may be accepted by different banks, as shown in the following figure:


So the formation of the offer is:

In the inter-bank market, each bank alone reported the purchase price and selling price of a currency pair at that moment, and the traders selected the best buying and selling price for the customer from these quotes. Excellent price to get the maximum profit of the transaction.

For example: a point in time for EUR / USD
CityBank Price: Buy Price: 1.32035 Sell Price 1.32010
HSBC Price: Buy Price: 1.32033 Sell Price 1.32011
NAB Price: Buy Price: 1.32036 Sell Price 1.32013

These quotes will instantly converge to the interbank quotation market and then to the ECN trading network.

In the above more than 50 world-class bank offer source, HERO platform Chamber of Commerce to screen out the best price for customers, from the above cases can be seen to buy a minimum price of 1.32033 (HSBC), and the highest selling price 1.32013 (NAB), at this time customers see the offer for the 1.32033 / 1.32013.

When the liquidity bank is offering enough money, customers can get better transaction costs.

So why will the spreads expand?

As a result of the opening or the occurrence of risk events, many banks and trading institutions for the risk management to stop the offer and transactions, resulting in liquidity offer source traffic becomes smaller, in a very small number of bank quotations under the premise of HERO spread will be expanded.

The general spread time is concentrated in:
A weekend stop and 5 minutes on Monday;
Important data or major news.

Spreads on the possible impact of the transaction:
(If the customer can use the margin is insufficient, the spread will lead to a decrease in the net value will lead to the margin ratio is too low, when the net reduction to 100% of the margin ratio, the system will be the customer's position to force the liquidation , In this process is easy to accompany the production of slippage, resulting in reduced profits after the customer burst warehouse)
B. For the lock warehouse receipts only stop the point of the transaction asymmetry. (Due to the huge difference between the bid and ask prices, the difference between the bid price and the selling price is also significant.)

Therefore, HERO remind customers who often lock in the transaction, the transaction process to reserve sufficient margin transactions, so that the net value of less than 100% of the margin lead to burst warehouse.

As a result of the phenomenon of market transactions for the conventional phenomenon, HERO strongly recommend that customers carefully read the risk statement, understand the real market conditions and then select the transaction, or by the objective market in the special case spreads caused by the expansion of the slip or burst warehouse, HERO Bear any responsibility, not to give any compensation.

6, HERO platform in the market during the suspension of trading?

Hello, during the market downturn, the global banking side offer is stopped, so the HERO platform does not allow customers to open a deal.

7, HERO platform lock?

Hello, all products in the HERO platform lock are not occupied by the margin.

8, why did I pay three times the interest on Wednesday night?

Hello, according to international bank practice, foreign exchange transactions are settled after 2 trading days. Overnight interest is calculated on the balance sheet date. Wednesday: 3 days overnight interest. Wednesday positions to Thursday, the settlement date for Friday to next Monday, so to pay / charge 3 days interest.

9, at the same time to hold the number of orders are limited?

Hello, in the trading position, HERO will be based on the number of customers to adjust the number of transactions lever, it is recommended that customers adjust the position.

10, how long can I hold my order?

Hello, in principle, as long as the margin is sufficient, you can always hold your order.

11, how does the CFDs of the HERO platform calculate the price?

Hello, HERO's price difference is based on the price of the underlying product and the fair value of the adjusted price. The fair value is equal to the spot price minus the compound price and dividend after the price.

About trading platform

1, MT4 platform shows "trading is busy" What is the reason?

"Trading is busy" MT4 is a common mistake, mainly MT4 can not handle multiple processes at the same time. So please restart your MT4 to solve this problem.

2, why does my platform show "invalid account"?

When the "invalid account" prompt, usually your user name and password does not match or choose the wrong server address caused, so please re-confirm the above information.

3, my platform is not on what is the reason?

First of all to China to visit the server abroad, and then the perfect equipment will have a few seconds of connection problems, so the recent international network will appear poor connection is normal. If there is a trade will be affected, it is recommended that you take the first time evidence to facilitate the late through the customer complaints handling.

In this case, HERO as a leading international financial technology enterprises to launch data center services, but frequent switching network will certainly affect customer transactions, so HERO will be technically introduced proxy server and VPS virtual server support, optimize the customer network transaction environment. If your normal network is normal, check that only the platform login can not be connected, you can switch through the Hong Kong server to obtain a stable trading environment, or if you first encounter this situation suggested to restart the software or restart the computer to try

If the above problem is still unable to solve, it is recommended that you can save the relevant settings and then re-install the platform software, and switch the server to use. If there are problems, you can call our official customer service hotline for consultation.

4, the platform shows what price?

Hello, the platform through a number of mobile banking quotes filter to give customers the best price, the disk shows the selling price.

5, how do i modify my trading password?

Hello, please open your MT4 trading software, log in to your account, click Tools - Options - Server - Change, and then enter the old password and the new password and confirm the new password, click OK immediately after the effective. You can also change your read-only password in this way.

6, why can not I see all the products?

Hello, if you do not see the currency pair, you need to right click and select "Show all" at the quote window.

7, how do I view the trading product overnight interest, margin and other information?

Hello, interest can be seen directly in the MT4 platform. Through the right point in the offer window, select "specifications", will pop up the contract specifications of this species, you can see the interest to buy and sell.

8, how to generate a transaction statement?

You can generate a statement at the MT4 terminal. In the View History window, right-click and choose Save Report.