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company advantage

    HERO is the global leader in personal foreign exchange and CFD (CFD) trading industry. We are committed to providing you with very competitive spreads, reliable transaction execution, and innovative trading tools to help you succeed in trading the world's most important financial markets.

Certification authority
Subject to NFA regulation;
transaction data certified by the licensing agency, fair, just and open;
Highly leveraged
Rational use of funds;
with the least funds to maximize the benefits;
Powerful platform
The world's leading MT4 trading software, stable super, simple operation support PC;
iPhone / Android mobile terminal system; support ultra-short-term transactions;
High speed access
Regular platform, operating norms, strict supervision, security and security of funds;
support a number of payment platform, 24-hour deposit, immediately credited into account;
withdrawal procedures simple, out of money 2 working days to account, efficient Convenient;
Exclusive study
To provide investment technical experts e-mail service, one by one to answer the investment questions;
Zhou comment, the assessment, to provide authentic professional speculation technology strategy;
Professional customer service
provide video presentation, graphic tutorial, full guidance;
provide basic classroom, senior class, master is not a problem;