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Foreign exchange is considered the world's most active and most mobile financial products. Daily foreign exchange trading volume is estimated at more than 4 trillion dollars.

Spot foreign exchange transactions are carried out through over-the-counter trading of financial institutions and are different from those traded through the exchange because there is no central exchange where there is no actual exchange of goods. Foreign exchange transactions are carried out in major financial centers around the world such as London, New York and Tokyo.

There are no restrictions on the trading hours of foreign exchange when the market runs every five days, and the exchange rate between major currencies will be kept up and down. Such high liquidity and frequent fluctuations in the price of foreign exchange investment to attract a large number of experienced investors.

Foreign exchange trading has many advantages

1, high liquidity - more than four trillion dollars per day in the foreign exchange market and the participation of millions of investors, so there is always a chance to enter and exit the market at a fairly transparent price.

2,24 hours of trading - with the rotation of the Earth market and trading time constantly, starting from the Sydney market Monday morning to the US market closed on Friday night, resulting in a 24-hour continuous operation of the market. One of the biggest advantages of trading Forex is the opportunity to trade 24 hours a day. This allows traders to respond at any time and gain the advantage of profit from market changes.

3, predictable market - foreign exchange market often with the trend of repeated fluctuations. Money market performance of a specific regularity, to create price trends to follow the market participants. These price trends increase the chances of trading profit.

4, profits from all the changes in the market - because the foreign exchange market is constantly changing, there is always the opportunity to trade, to choose a currency relative to another currency is depreciated or appreciated. As a result, investors can profit from a multi-warehouse or short positions strategy.