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Introduction to Precious Metals Trading

(XAU) and silver (XAG) gold trading is similar to the foreign exchange margin business, investors can be short-term or long-term gold investment. The best point spread by HERO, no foreign exchange trading risk can be traded precious metals (XAU) and silver (XAG)

The gold market is a global market that can be 5 days 23 hours around the world non-stop trading, HERO also offers gold and euro precious metals CFDs. Advantages of trading precious metals:

Diversified Portfolio: The best hedging tool for inflation

Hedging: In a mobile market, investors can hedge, reduce risk and increase profitability

Security: the ideal weapon against inflation and political and economic turmoil

Through the trading of gold and silver to configure a strong portfolio and profitability. HERO offers its current loan-to-metal CFDs in US dollars and euros through its own award-winning platform.

Spread, contract value and margin

Major currency conventional spreads

Gold: 4.5 points

Silver: 3.0 points

Contract value

London gold (XAUUSD): 100 ounces

London silver (XAGUSD): 5000 ounces

The required margin

London Gold (XAUUSD) The required margin for each contract is: 100 ounces x gold market price / 100.

London Silver (XAGUSD) The required margin for each contract is: 5,000 ounces x silver market price / 100.

Introduction to crude oil trading

Crude oil has been an important product in the global energy market. Crude oil prices will change rapidly with the development of daily market economy. The world's largest oil producer followed by Russia, Saudi Arabia, the United States, Iran and China.

Crude oil is a naturally occurring flammable liquid, usually present in the geological structure beneath the surface of the earth. Crude oil is a raw material that can be separated and refined and can be made into a large number of consumer products such as gasoline, asphalt, heating oil, diesel, etc. The demand for these products will affect the price of crude oil. As a result, crude oil prices fluctuate with global supply and demand.

The unit of measurement of crude oil is calculated in barrels. 1 standard hand of crude oil trading for 100 barrels. The price of crude oil is calculated in US dollars and cents per barrel. US WTI * and the UK Brent # is currently the most active and most popular investors in the crude oil futures market. * WTI crude oil futures (MT4 on the transaction code for the CL) Brent crude oil futures (MT4 on the transaction variety code for the LCO)

Why is HERO conducting energy products?

1. Regular supervision, capital security is guaranteed

2. Fixed trading point difference, no slip point, the cost can be controlled

3. Advanced and stable trading platform, MT4 speed trading

Price limit

$ 10 per barrel. If the contract transaction, the bid price or the selling price reaches the price limit of 5 minutes, the transaction will be suspended for 5 minutes. When the transaction is restored, the price limit on the buyers and sellers will reach 10 US dollars / barrel. If the transaction is interrupted during the period, the market will continue to impose a quotation limit of $ 10 / bb for both buyers and sellers after each successive 5-minute transaction has been interrupted. In any trading activity, there is no maximum price fluctuation limit.

Calculation of profit and loss (selling price - purchase price) * Contract value * Contract number = Gains and losses in US dollars * The above calculation process does not include commission fees.

Rate calculation  

1. Interest calculation: (1)

2. CFD interest charges.

3. Storage costs calculation: (2)

4. custody fee rate * days * contract number = custody fee

Examples of crude oil trading

May 7, WTI crude oil (June 9 contract) rose from 55.47 to 58.56

Transaction size: 100 barrels

Base value: $ 1

Venture capital: $ 2,000

Buy Price: 55.60

Price: 58.18

Spread: (58.18 - 55.60) = 2.58

The deal is trading at 258

258 * $ 1 = $ 258

Profit: $ 258