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Gold this week will likely face a different rainbow rainbow, holding "bargain-hunting" investors pay attention to friends

Gold last week since the $ 1240 / ounce level near the effective holding back to $ 1250 / ounce top, and finally recorded three weeks since the first weekly rise, to hold "bargain-hunting" investors are greatly encouraged. But for gold, the real test is that this week, Yelun will not only join hands with many Fed officials on stage to speak, there will be a US PCE price index, led by a series of important economic data. Gold can continue to "wind up", long people need to keep some eye!

Hold the "bargain-hunting theory" of the investors attention it! 

① Federal Reserve Chairman Yelun collar public officials took turns on stage


Beijing time on June 28 (Wednesday) at 01:00 am, Federal Reserve Chairman Yelun will speak, this is the first time since the June decision. Yale does not necessarily comment on the outlook for monetary policy, but may indicate an opinion on the economy. Recent remarks by officials of the Federal Reserve have shown a "hawk staggered" situation. The job market is good and inflation in the doldrums, so that market investors have doubts about the Fed's policy outlook, I do not know the Fed will eventually tend to consider whether to raise interest rates, which is the end of last week, gold fell, recorded a rebound the elements of.

But the rebound can continue, this week need to pay more attention to the direction of the Fed officials speech.


In addition, James Bullard, chairman of the St. Louis Fed, and Loretta Mester, chairman of the Cleveland Fed today (no vote this year), the Federal Reserve director Jerome Powell ( (New York Fed Chairman Dudley (this year's committee), San Francisco Fed Chairman John Williams (this year without voting rights) will also be delivered this week, one after another speech.


In particular, in addition to Yalun outside the five Fed officials, some are voting this year, some are not voting this year, investors can focus on this year's vote of the Federal Reserve Board of Directors Powell, New York Fed Chairman Dudley. Last week, Dudley was "hawks", once the gold fell to a one-month low of $ 1,240.75 / ounce, the most weak since May 17 level. Market analysts said that if Dudley confirmed that the Fed will continue to move towards the hawks, gold is difficult to recover

② the United States a number of heavy economic data (the following time for Beijing time)


Monday (June 26) 20:30, the United States in May durable goods initial value

Tuesday (June 27) 22:00, the US June Consultation Council consumer confidence index

Thursday (June 29) US PCE price index quarter rate, Friday (June 30) May PCE price index monthly rate


US inflation data has been in a downturn trend, with the improvement of the employment market in stark contrast, which is the eyes of Goldman Sachs, "the Fed double dilemma." This contradiction, in the recent speech of the Federal Reserve officials which can clearly see the differences. PCE price index this week, announced that the gold market caused by the uproar.


Over the past few years, high unemployment has been the number one concern for the Fed, but the current US unemployment rate has dropped to 4.3% level, most of the Fed officials are almost all convinced that all Americans want to work to get work. This is the main reason for the Fed to raise interest rates.

Although the unemployment rate reached the level of the Federal Reserve, but inflation is not with. US PCE price index in April was 1.7% year on year, March PCE is 1.9%, that is, since the March meeting, the core PCE year on year growth rate also decreased by 0.2 percentage points.

Weak inflation data sparked fears that some of the Fed's current tightening rhythm may be the wrong decision if inflation does not show signs of recovery. But Federal Reserve Chairman Yellun does not seem to mind the matter, she believes that the current data is noisy, saying "do not react to a small number of possible inflation data." Yelun believes that weak inflation may be affected by temporary factors, inflation will eventually rise.